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Yello Media, a digital media marketing firm, needs web design and development

Yello Media Group Ltd (YMG) is seeking an expert technical partner for the provision of web development and app development services. The website and apps are to be tailored for YMG’s clients across the Caribbean. The chosen partner(s) must be a firm that has experience in: 1. Graphic design, programming, content, search engine optimization and website hosting services that will improve existing business processes, capture and analyze data and enhance the customer experience. 2. The design and building of purpose driven iPhone and Android apps to cater to customers unique needs of ensuring they have mobile presence during micro- moments. The goal for these apps are to increase order frequency, improve customer loyalty and to maintain presence in order to stay top of mind. Yello Media Group desires to expand its pool of vendors in order to gain greater capacity and diversity. The term for this contract will be to provide services for two years commencing December 1, 2017. The deadline for submission of proposals is Thursday, September 28, 2017 4:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. Electronic proposals must be emailed to:


Contact: Yello Media at or apply here