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Beanbag, a legal streaming platform, needs graphic and branding design

If interested in a short-term contract position, your role will be to: - Make a style guide - Improve the overall look and feel of the website (UI/UX) - Be involved in possible future projects - Help out with implementing the design if knowledgeable in code The working arrangements are very flexible, and agreed upon through discussions with the co-founders. It is expected that the person who fulfils this role, if on a permanent basis, will devote at least 10 - 15 hours a week. We would like to see a project you have worked on, or another example of development you have worked on previously. How to apply Check out our website ( and blog ( for more information about Beanbag. Email us at with a cover letter and CV to apply, or use the link below.


Contact: Beanbag at or apply here