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App company needs Reaxt/Redux development

We are looking for an awesome React/Redux Developer to help us build our web application. Our application has GraphQL powering the React/Redux frontend with plenty data visuals and complex views. Were looking for a developer that loves to write clean code, is comfortable with Webpack, thinks in PostCSS and loves well-written async requests. We use ES6, are fans of automation and helpful linting, Must be either familiar with/or interested in working with GraphQL, since it's baked right into the React. We're using a library called Apollo to integrate GraphQL into the Redux store. We are using Jest and Storybook for testing. We are using Jest and Storybook for testing. It's a really nice frontend stack with plenty of room for improvement. About Us: Founded by a team of freelance engineers, Blue Orange Digital wanted to bring an engineering approach to the agency model. Our projects use the latest and greatest technologies and afford/require a lot of direct code contribution from each developer. We care about the products we build and only work with clients that understand that good applications come from happy engineers. We are an entirely remote company with team members all across the US.


Contact: Josh Miramant at or apply here