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Advertising agency needs new Website design

This RFP is for design and development services for a redesigned website for Novus Media RFP Sent: 8/8/2017 Responses Due: 8/08/2017@11:59 pm New Website Objectives Objective 1 Convey that we are new but not new. Show that Novus is a now a management owned business entity working alongside Omnicom Media Group, while still bringing the same level of service and quality as we always have. Showcase that Novus has an ambitious management team that sees beyond the present into the future and strives to stretch the limits of the industry. Objective 2 Depict Novus as the agency that ensures it keeps in touch with the trends and wishes of its clients. The advertising industry is quite dynamic and Novus strives to constantly come up with original, improved, and client specific ideas while maintaining high quality standards. Show that our client lists are broad with experts in each business vertical (retail, healthcare, B2B, trade, etc.) while creating offerings/services that project market leadership and a strong desire to come out of the comfort zone, which makes us stand out against rival agencies. Objective 3 Our new website should inform, educate, and engage our current and future employees and clients and position our brand as a thought and industry leader through resource content. Novus is a very progressive organization and we would like that captured in this website. Send any questions on the RFP to: Send proposals to: Goal for new website launch: 10/31/2017


Contact: Novus at or apply here