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Indexing Peer 2 Peer Storage needs Blockchain development

We are a growing venture in the field of supply chain management using blockchains. There is now an opportunity for a skilled engineer to join us. You would need strong skills in Ethereum, emerging blockchains, geth, solidity, ERC20, Truffle, id systems (eg uport), async calls to IPFS and other systems; also skills in UIs are needed - ReactJS, Node, ES6. The work involves implementing a test system which may include RFID and IoT work. Building UIs and creating screens to make payments in tokens and ether. You should have an enthusiasm for blockchains and a general knowledge of technology which may include JSON, Mongo, elasticsearch, Ubuntu, and a range of languages and protocols. If you want to be engaged at the early stages of a startup, please contact us.

Contact: Trevor Oakley at or apply here