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eProcurement company needs copywriting

Budget: $40K – $100K Our company sells and maintains custom punch-out catalog solutions for major organizations in the eProcurement space. We are creating a website to showcase our product and the features and would like to work with a copywriter who can: - Collaborate with the product owner to understand the product, features, benefits. - Help us in developing the right message to be displayed on the website. - Work with the website designer and the product owner to present the messages in the best possible way. - Our objective is to paint a picture for our potential client and ultimately get the client to setup a demo. Preferred: - Experience in copywriting for a SaaS product. To start, we will go with 1-2 page website with all the information. We want to show less content but very relevant and easy to understand.


Contact: Gopi Sukhavasi at or apply here