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Center for arts non-profit needs Website design Edmonds Center for the Arts wants to redesign its website currently found here: The following RFP includes a background of our organization and describes the purpose of the redesign, its desired functionality, and specific requests relating to the proposal. We understand that details may be subject to change upon vendor recommendation and / or research of more optimal solutions. In your proposal, please feel free to suggest alternatives where noted. Desired outcomes: Mobile friendly Increased website traffic. Increased ticket sales through website. Seamless integration with social media. Reduce amount of phone calls to box office from patrons having difficulty with website and needing assistance. Scope of Work Here’s where you want to provide more detail about the project. To the extent you can, describe all the services you know that you’ll be hiring a web team for. For example, with a web redesign project, you might be paying for: • Information design • Visual design • Search engine optimization • Mobile device optimization • Testing & quality assurance Project Timeline Timeline for Desired Completion: October 2017 Format & Proposal Details Please submit proposal via email to Wendy Clark at no later than Friday, July 21, 2017.


Contact: Wendy Clark at or apply here