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Pacer filing app needs Ruby on Rails development

I want to work with intelligent, opinionated people who can make the world a little better. Then iterate. I’m the CTO of PacerPro. If you’re looking for a software developer job, then you’ve come to the right place; read on, my friend. I’m looking for my next “senior” engineer. (I’d like to hire a pair, but, you know, budget.) A big chunk of our code is navigating the PACER system without a human operator, i.e., HTML screen scraping. We’re building an API for our clients to use to integrate with their internal systems that are often client-confidential. We want to build NLP/deep/machine learning that will identify documents as they pass through our platform so that our clients can act on them in a timely manner. We want to expand our search capabilities into our PDF repository. I’ll do my best to accommodate some time shifting. Since pairing is as intense as it is productive, we work a reasonable work day. After hours and weekends are the very rare exception, only when it can’t be avoided. Interested? Reach out to me.

Contact: Ken Mayer at or apply here