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Mobile fitness & relaxation arcade needs React.js development

You love to build things. You build things for fun. You are curious and love to learn, but you also don't over-think. You get things done and know when to eg. re-use something in GitHub to 10x your speed, rather than building from scratch. You are focused on the end-user, and have empathy for them. You're ok with manning the support tickets at times, so that you can directly help those who are suffering (whether with their health, or with our app. :-D ). You'd own the backend, the front-end, and really, all the (technical) ends, for now. If you want to make an impact and work with a team that has been through everything from YC-backed startups, to successfully bootstrapped companies, all the way to $2b+ success, and are "veterans" without being cynical, we're that team. About Us This is a young startup. Our v1 is live (download it here: There's no BS. We communicate via Slack. We obsessively gather feedback from users and customers. We commit code to GitHub. We want to make an impact, and we're getting on with it.


Contact: Adam at or apply here