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Insurance company needs Wordpress website design development

I am looking to redesign my website with search functionality for over 100 pieces of content to educate. I am NOT looking for conventional insurance salesy website. I want site that is about helping, about answering questions my target audience is most likely to ask. So, the 1st priority is to have simple, engaging, intuitive search feature to access content. 2nd most important page is the Customer Care page,. Similar but I want this page to encourage, make current clients feel welcome. I want this page to be where our current clients go to ask questions. Go to find resources. I want them to engage on website, phone call, text or email. Their preference. The rest of the site is providing basic information. Yes, I want to convert visitors, but only after I have earned it. This site was close to what I am looking for, but having difficulty.

Contact: Terry Denesha at or apply here