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Property advisory company needs research report design

This is a big job and will require an agency to manage multiple designers. We would like to contract for 1 year initially, then renew for additional years ongoing. We are a research company and we produce 25 different A4 reports between 20-30 pages each report. We produce these reports 3 times per year. That is 75 reports in total. We also produce 2 medium/smaller A4 reports, one is monthly and the other is quarterly. That is 16 reports in total. Each report should take no longer than 1 week to produce, and we already have the report templates. We require unlimited revisions to account for mistakes or error correction. The contents of each report contains line charts, bar charts, pie charts and text commentary. Each chart is required to be drawn in vector art so it does not render pixelated. The reports are to be prepared in two resolution versions. One for email approx 3MB, and the second version to be print ready. The design/layout of these reports do not need to be changed, however the content of these reports need to be replaced 3 times per year for large reports, and 4 times per year for medium report, and 12 times per year for small report. Budget: $15,000

Contact: David Robbins at or apply here